Spencer Bradley Sexy Sprite Minx

Spencer Bradley Sexy Sprite Minx

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Spencer Bradley Sexy Sprite Minx
Genre: POV, Blowjob, Brunette, Petite, Swallow, Deepthroat
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Resolution: 1920x1080
Duration: 00:33:25
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Description: New Scene Review by Rik Graves! Here, we have Spencer Bradley, who opens up the scene looking like some sort of hippie fairy. Right from the start, she displays a fierceness about her, as she gives us a stare, as she pull down her green, heart-shaped sunglasses. We then get a further look at her outfit, which consists of a green glittery top which matches her sunglasses, as well as a colorful tutu, while she wears a pink bomber jacket over it. It's when she changes her pose to one of a back view, that we see that the jacket reads "Deepthroat Siren". It's from there, that she would even give us a close view of her juicy ass, as she eventually drops low to the floor. Which is something that we definitely enjoy seeing from this petite cutie! Her flirting with the camera does not end there however, as it would continue on, with she slowly making her way onto the bed. This is as she soon crawl towards the camera, as we have a closer view of her pulling at her top in a very playful manner. It's playfulness that we appreciate, because it is just so damn sexy! For a moment, we would have she leaning back to pose, and it is briefly that we get a shot of her dark bush, which barely overrides the tutu. We definitely enjoy this view for sure! Next, Spencer would go on to once again tease us with her nice backside. The lifting of her tutu, as she is positioned on her legs, while pushing her butt out towards the camera. It's from there, that she goes on to display her talent in popping her individual butt cheeks, and like her - it's so hot! And this would be before we even see her perfect little titties! Seeing them would be the final gift that we are given by Spencer during this opening tease sequence. That's because for her, it's next on to sucking dick. Her favorite past time! Spencer says that thinking about taking a hard cock down her throat gets her so wet. Well us thinking about she thinking about taking a hard cock down her throat, makes us super horny! She proceeds slowly, saying that she likes to start at the tip, and lick down the shaft. It's for sure, an excellent strategy! But as things would continue here, we would watch how Spencer would go into testing her gag reflex, as she take the dick down her throat as much as she possibly can. This is when Scott chooses to really put her throat to the test, as he guide her head in with his hands, cramming his cock deeply down, and being the good sport that she is, Spencer manages to fight off her reflex only coming up for air when necessary. What a good girl she is! Next up, the cock-sucking would continue on the bed with a little bit of upside down face fucking. It's from this position that we see Spencer give Scott a hand literally, as she pushes his balls out of the way to allow him to stuff her throat as much as humanly possible. This was a brilliant view in my opinion. It is yet another position which shows Spencer's willingness to throat a cock! Spencer would show us even more, as we are next treated to a view of 69, with Spencer facing the camera, while she continue to deepthroat that cock with enthusiasm. From this position, she would show us that she has no problem taking the dick down in full. In fact there is no gag reflex whatsoever for the majority here. Just spit, snot and tears! Holy shit! I would be saying the same thing again a short time later, as Spencer would end things from this position, by viciously stroking the cock with her throat nice and hard. It's a wonder as to how Scott even made it past, as it had he moaning in pleasure. To follow this up, we have Scott taking a seat, as Spencer is back in between his legs, and on her knees to suck cock. She would do so at an increasing pace, until working Scott up to climax. During which, he let loose a load directly into the back of her throat. It is a load that Spencer happily swallows after she shows us the evidence. I've said it before, and I will say it again. Spencer Bradley, is without a doubt. One of the best cocksuckers that you will ever find in Las Vegas, or elsewhere for that matter! - Rik Graves
Spencer Bradley Sexy Sprite Minx
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