Melody Foxx - The French Maid Bbc9

Melody Foxx - The French Maid Bbc9

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Melody Foxx - The French Maid Bbc9
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Duration: 00:29:48
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Description: The maid, Melody Foxx, showed up at a new home to clean. After having some trouble with one of the blankets, she accidentally covered herself. However, fortunately for us, the only thing sticking out from the blanket was her perfect ass. The owner of the house walked by and noticed this. He thought that his wife was the one under the blanket. Believing his wife was just trying to roll play, he walked up and pulled her underwear to the side and quickly inserted his cock. They fucked for sometime until he removed the blanket from over her and freaked out. Melody convinced him to keep going by showing him her perfect tits. From there, they continued fucking until his wife came home. This f***ed them to move from place to place as they fucked to evade her. Did they get caught? Find out.
Melody Foxx - The French Maid Bbc9
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