Alexia Anders - Vinny'S Real Estate Agent

Alexia Anders - Vinny'S Real Estate Agent

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Alexia Anders - Vinny'S Real Estate Agent
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Description: After a messy divorce, Chuck needs to sell his house, so his friend Vinny recommends a real estate agent named Alexia Anders. Alexia comes over, and Chuck quickly realizes she isn't very experienced as a realtor. She misquotes the price, and has no idea what the word escrow means! Chuck thinks something is up, and Alexia confesses she isn't a realtor... Vinny sent her over to show him a "good time." She spreads her legs, then the cute brunette pulls her panties to the side to show Chuck her shaved pussy. Alexia lets Chuck finger her and then he licks her pussy while Alexia plays with her perky tits. Alexia gives Chuck a blowjob, then climbs on top of him to ride his big, thick cock. After some intense doggystyle and missionary position, Alexia asks for Chuck's cum and he obliges her with a facial!
Alexia Anders - Vinny'S Real Estate Agent
Actress: Alexia Anders
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