Stacy Cruz Too Soon

Stacy Cruz Too Soon

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Stacy Cruz Too Soon
Genre: Couples Fucking, Sex Toys, Pussy licking
Format: MP4
Quality: HD 816
Resolution: 1920x816
Duration: 00:21:37
File Size: 1.24 GB

Description: Passionate sexy lovers enjoy natural naughty fun together Well, of course, it can happen and does happen. It’s natural when the sex is so hot and intense between passionate sexy lovers; a man may struggle to hold back his climax. This intensely sexual erotic movie features all the ingredients of lovers being caught in the moment. It’s what real sex is all about. Tangled in a whirlwind of lust, there’s only you and your lover and you simply can’t wait to get home and tear each other’s clothes off. Ricky and Stacy barely make it through the door before tumbling into each other, showing us the passionate sexy lovers they are. The giggling is quickly overtaken by the heady serious business of fiery lust igniting and you can just tell these two know exactly how to please each other. Desperation rises and they share a deep hard fuck up against the wall, bodies and need uniting to bring the intensity we all love to watch in this erotic movie. Sometimes foreplay has been going on long before that first touch of the lips and your bodies are so hot for each other that you just have to fuck. A sultry sexy scene ensues, Ricky’s hands on Stacy’s ass cheeks, spreading her wide for his thick hard dick. She can’t get enough and neither can we as we watch these passionate sexy lovers take their pleasures in their bodies. You can tell Ricky is struggling to hold back his orgasm and the edging of his climax is extremely hot to witness. At last they have the time remove the rest of their clothing constricting their ankles, and move to the sofa where Ricky dives between his lover’s legs and feasts on her freshly fucked pussy. As the fucking becomes more intense, Ricky can’t hold off any longer and comes hard—luckily they are close enough that this doesn’t need to be the end of the pleasure as Stacy takes control over her own orgasm. A delightful portrayal of passionate sexy lovers comfortable enough together to show the joyful, lighter side of sex. Deliciously arousing porn for women with hot meaningful chemistry.
Stacy Cruz Too Soon
Actress: Stacy Cruz
Categories: Toys Amateur
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