Lola Fae Aka Lola Faye Here Kitty Kitty

Lola Fae Aka Lola Faye Here Kitty Kitty

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Lola Fae Aka Lola Faye Here Kitty Kitty
Genre: POV, Blonde, Swallow, Cute, Tattooed, Petite
Format: MP4
Quality: FullHD 1080
Resolution: 1920x1080
Duration: 00:26:19
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Description: New BIG GULP GIRLS scene featuring Lola Fae! This pint size tattooed cutie comes ready to suck some dick. Enjoy ~ SH New Review from Rik: The scene opens up with things being all red. More in particular with the room and accessories being decorated with red lip prints. Also in red, is one Lola Fae. Lola begins things by teasing the camera with her face, as she handles her close up seductively, while showing off a studded choker, which reads "Kitten". We would see Lola caress her body, while continuing to tease the camera. The focus of the camera would next take a turn, as she turn around to show off her plump cheeks, which happen to peek out from underneath a short, matching red skirt. After being treated to a nice view, the camera's focus then returns to where it once was, prior to Lola venturing over to the bed. Which has been appropriately fitted with red lip print sheets. It's here, that we see Lola, crawl across the bed, as she go on to pose. This eventually sees she on her knees. Posing to show off her ass. It's also at this point, that we see Scott's hand come out from behind the camera. He just couldn't resist getting a feel of Loila's rather inviting ass. Lola continues to work the camera. This, as she would next go on to remove her cherry-red skirt. It's at this time, that she notices that her matching red thong barely covers her pussy, and so she simply reveals it to the camera uncovering it, and then going on to spread apart her puffy pussy lips for all to see. It would be then, that Scott would step in, to prepare Lola for the scene, this as he asks her if she'd like something to play with. She indeed does, as she begins to stroke his cock. It's during this, that we also get a glimpse of her rad DONNIE DARKO tat, which adorns her right forearm, In an effort to get Scott more hard. Scott, goes on to ask Lola that, since she's a "kitten", if she indeed likes milk? This, as he says that he has some milk for her. Lola goes on to say that she enjoys swallowing cum and sucking big cocks. It's something that Scott wants to put to the test, as he go on to ask she to prove it. Lola would do so gladly. This, as things would begin between them. Lola begins the blowjob by using no hands initially in her effort. She would start by teasing the cock with her mouth and tongue. This, prior to she going on to focus on the head. It's here that she settled into a rhythm that Scott seems to really enjoy. This, as Lola continues to work the head with her mouth. She would also eventually use her hands to stroke the dick. It's occasionally, with sometimes her approach being one of a double-handed method. This would happen for some time, until Lola obviously becomes determined to get that cum out of there. It's because of this that she begins to jerk the cock even harder with both hands, while simultaneously working the head in the shaft with her mouth, She taking a deeper with Scott's request. She would keep at this until Scott eventually nears his climax, and the finally doing so. The scene would in with Scott coming directly into Lola's mouth for the finish. - Personally, I really enjoyed the set up, as well as the buildup of the scene. The set was dressed up quite nicely for Lola's arrival. All of that matching her given attire for the scene. I really liked the red lipstick kiss print accessories that decorated the set. I feel that it was quite fitting for someone as cute as Lola. As for the buildup of the scene I like the way that Lola was determined from beginning to the end, to get that cum. I liked the way that she would worked Scott's cock with both hands, all in an effort to milk it out of him. However, as a con for the scene, I can't say that I was not a big fan of the finish itself. As we didn't even get a popshot. I would go on to guess that the reason for this is that, Lola just simply made Scott cum far too quickly. Because of this, we only get the cut right after.
Lola Fae Aka Lola Faye Here Kitty Kitty
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