Stevieher Feet Don’T Even Touch The Floor!

Stevieher Feet Don’T Even Touch The Floor!

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Stevieher Feet Don’T Even Touch The Floor!
Genre: Gonzo, Hardcore ,Couples, All Sex, Anal
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Description: We’ve got another fantastic petite treat for your viewing pleasure. Measuring in at a whopping 4 foot 11 inches this girl is the definition of spinner. She is proper cute as well. This itty bitty babe is here to try her hand at adult work. She's newly married and being a porn star is no issue for hubby, so we’re gonna put this little babe to the test. Right away she’s got one of the most interesting jobs I can think of in this day and age: She’s a moderator for the TikToks. Which means she’s the one banning your accounts when you post that crazy shit. Honestly, I felt like we could have just done a whole interview based on her job, but that wouldn’t be any fun. What I really wanted to do was get her out of that dress and get my dick in and around her mouth. So that’s what we do. She’s got amazing head skills, and those tiny hands make my cock look even bigger, so that’s a huge win lol. I give her little ass the business all round the office. She is quite the little slut too. She’s got great eye contact and I think we even had some chemistry. We get to the ass fucking and I'm not sure if being so little makes the butthole so tight but it’s magic. I finish her off with a nice big facial which we don’t have her clean off before she leaves. She’s not quite as combative as I’d have expected when she finds out she isn’t getting paid today. Especially considering how leery she was at the beginning. I guess decent dick will make ‘em forget. Hopefully she forgets us all together lol. <3 Cam
Stevieher Feet Don’T Even Touch The Floor!
Actress: Stevie
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