Nikki Sexx - Sexx Fever

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Nikki Sexx - Sexx Fever
Genre: Big Titd, Blonde, Blowjob, Boob Play, Cum in Mouth, Cum on Tits, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Handjob, High Heels, Missionary, Tit-Fucking, Tit-Sucking
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Description: Nikki Sexx fever takes over when the busy blonde gets down with Marco Banderas. They were going out, but those plans get scuttled when he sees her huge tits in her halter top and gets fired up. SCORELAND: What gets you hot? Nikki Sexx: Really strong and passionate eye-locking sex where I can feel the heat rising and it boils over to an orgasm for either person. When I can feel a guy about to come to orgasm, it sets me off and has me really boiling over at that point. SCORELAND: What type of foreplay do you like? Nikki Sexx: I like dirty talk and being felt up. I also really like a guy to perv on me and masturbate while looking at me. Just that leery look with their dick in their hand will have my pussy gushing. SCORELAND: It looked like Marco picked up on that. What was your kinkiest sexual encounter? Nikki Sexx: I don't know that I can pick just one but just recently I was fucked in a Las Vegas stairwell and on the balcony. It felt…
Nikki Sexx - Sexx Fever
Actress: Nikki Sexx
Categories: Cum Shot Blowjob Blonde
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