Victoria Sunshine Fit For The Job

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Victoria Sunshine Fit For The Job
Genre: Small Tits, Tattoos, Hairy, Blowjob, Massage, Black Hair, Cum On Pussy, Ball Play
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Description: JJ Graves is working in the lobby of the massage parlor when Victoria Sunshine comes in. At first, JJ thinks that Victoria is here to receive a massage, but she explains that she's actually the new employee. JJ is surprised, because the owner of the parlor said someone named 'Vic' was going to start working there, so he was expecting a man. JJ points out that strength is required to work here, because they give really deep tissue massages. Victoria assures him that she's definitely fit for the job, so JJ agrees to see what she can do. They go to a private room, where a massage mattress and bowl of NURU gel have been set up. JJ and Victoria both get undressed for the massage, and JJ gets into position on the mattress, lying down on his stomach. Victoria pours NURU gel onto JJ's body and then gives him a sensual massage, first using her hands to work on his tense muscles, and then pouring NURU gel onto herself so she can slide her body against his. JJ is impressed... in fact, he's so impressed that when Victoria asks him to turn over so she can massage his front, she sees that he has a boner. As the massage continues, it's clear JJ has realized that Victoria truly is a perfect fit for the job, plus she's really hot. He suggests that maybe she can massage something else for him, and she happily agrees, rubbing and riding his cock. Welcome aboard, Victoria!
Victoria Sunshine Fit For The Job
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