Lilly Bell Cum Gluttons: On Edge

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Lilly Bell Cum Gluttons: On Edge
Genre: Blonde, Natural Tits, Fingering, Teen, Hairy, Deepthroat, Cumshot, Lingerie, Doggy Style, Pussy Eating
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Description: Lilly Bell and her boyfriend Joshua Lewis are exchanging goodbyes, because Joshua has to go on a trip for a whole month. Lilly tells Joshua to swear his devotion to her before he leaves. He promises to stay completely loyal while he's away, saying he won't spend time with other girls, or even TALK to them. She smiles and says that's sweet, but she wants him to be even MORE loyal - she doesn't want him to even watch porn or touch himself. She wants him to think only of HER, and stay completely celibate while they're apart. Joshua is shocked at Lilly's demands, and meekly tries to protest. But she tells him if he does this for her, she'll KNOW he REALLY loves her. He is easily swayed, and says he'll do it - for her. One month later, Joshua arrives at Lilly's house looking like a sweaty wreck, explaining that he ran straight here as soon as he got back home. He says this month has been absolute hell, but now they can finally be together again. Lilly agrees, but she doesn't want some trashy quickie for their big reunion, so Joshua can't blow his load too early. She wants them to take it slow. They exchange lots of loving kisses, and remove their shirts so Joshua can start kissing Lilly's body. Lilly then teasingly touches Joshua's dick over his pants, and when he fully undresses she strokes and sucks on his dick while edging him, to make sure he doesn't cum too early. Joshua gives Lilly cunnilingus, and then she teases him some more by sliding her pussy back and forth along the length of his dick, without actual penetration. Eventually, she finally lets him penetrate her, as she eagerly rides his cock in cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl style. But when she feels that he's close to cumming, she gets off him so they can change positions, making sure the pleasure doesn't end too soon. They fuck some more, until finally, FINALLY, she encourages him to cum on her face and fill her mouth.
Lilly Bell Cum Gluttons: On Edge
Actress: Lilly Bell
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