Lasirena69 - Double Vaginal Degenerates

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Lasirena69 - Double Vaginal Degenerates
Genre: All Sex, Big Tits, Blowjob, Brunette, Bubble Butt, Cowgirl, Cum on Tits, Deep Throat, Doggystyle, Double Vaginal, Facial, Fishnet, Gagging, Latina, Missionary, Oil, Reverse Cowgirl, Tattoo, Threesome, Wet
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Duration: 00:49:27
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Description: Intimidatingly seductive LaSirena is the warden of a fantasy sex-reform program. All subjects have been submitted for not properly performing their duties as men - not fulfilling the needs of their wives, girlfriends, partners. And they're here to be reformed by the facility, and LaSirena's curves, in order to graduate and return back into the world. Failure to adhere to the agreed terms results in a personal visit from the queen herself. And three participants have been lined up… Chosen to be physically examined and remind them of what awaits them in the future. Testing each of them by hand, LaSirena teases, grinds, sucks and fucks until they're merely playthings under her gaze. Since two of them in particular are not up to her standards, she brings them to her office for more drastic measures. The two men are told to take off her uniform piece by piece, worshipping every one of her soft, juicy curves. Tear open holes in the bodysuit to suck on her tits, grip her ass, and massage oil all over her body. All in an attempt to build them back up into eager stunt cocks ready to serve their purpose - proving themselves in a climactic double vaginal test!
Lasirena69 - Double Vaginal Degenerates
Actress: LaSirena69
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