Desiree Dulce & Goddess Guzman Twisted Scissors

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Desiree Dulce & Goddess Guzman Twisted Scissors
Genre: Latina, Lesbian, Pussy Fingering, Pussy Licking, Natural Tits, Sex Toys
Format: MP4
Quality: FullHD 1080
Resolution: 1920x1080
Duration: 00:36:30
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Description: Desiree Dulce is a hot AF babe who isn’t kind to her pretty- perfect stepsister, Goddess Guzman. She thinks she’s a do-gooding nerd and enjoys pushing her around. This time, Goddess has had enough! She waits for Desiree to leave, creeps in to play dress up in her drawers, and fucks her room up in revenge. When Goddess gets busted masturbating in Desiree’s bed, while wearing Desiree’s clothes, by Desiree herself – it’s go time. But this time Goddess is ready to take her on, and it becomes a girl-on-girl pussy eating scissoring smackdown competition, and both ladies get off.
Desiree Dulce & Goddess Guzman Twisted Scissors
Categories: Latina Lesbian Toys
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