Cherry Kiss, Angelika Grays Table Service

Cherry Kiss, Angelika Grays Table Service

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Cherry Kiss, Angelika Grays Table Service
Genre: Lesbian, Kissing, Tattoo, Hairy, Blonde, Shaved Pussy, Chair, Legs, Natural Tits
Format: MP4
Quality: FullHD 1080
Resolution: 1920x1080
Duration: 00:23:56
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Description: Sexy Angelika Grays is busy at work restocking the bar, while her gorgeous boss, Cherry Kiss, works on the accounts. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Table Service" begins, Angelika knocks some bottles to the concrete floor, the smash startling Cherry. Angelika clears up the mess while Cherry watches, realizing how attractive she finds the ponytailed blonde. They flirt, and Angelika doesn’t fight her urge to grab Cherry and kiss her hungrily, getting a passionate response. She pulls off Cherry’s top and fondles her breasts, sucking her nipples as she rubs her through her panties. Pushing Cherry onto the table, Angelika kneels between her tanned thighs to eat her hairy pussy voraciously, making her gasp and moan. Angelika’s skilful tonguing drives Cherry to the edge of an intense orgasm; she adds two fingers to frig her vigorously, pushing her over the edge. Now Cherry fingerbangs Angelika’s shaved pussy before going face down to lick her. Angelika trembles as Cherry sucks on her prominent pink folds, her face shiny with juices. When Cherry slides her fingers into Angelika’s drenched slot, it gives her a mindblowing climax.
Cherry Kiss, Angelika Grays Table Service
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