Charlotte Sins, Charlotte Stokely The Babysitters Pt. 1

Charlotte Sins, Charlotte Stokely The Babysitters Pt. 1

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Charlotte Sins, Charlotte Stokely The Babysitters Pt. 1
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Description: Scarlet (Lulu Chu) stands in front of the home she grew up in. She exhales as she reminisces, "I was always a late bloomer. My mom would always say I just needed a little more time than the other girls. It never bothered me much because I was happy. Then things came crashing down… I was suddenly alone in the world and needed to make a living. Maybe I never really knew myself. I was about to learn the true meaning of love, friendship and survival. The house was just like I remembered it… but the warmth and love my mother brought to it was gone. She was gone… I still can’t believe it." She steps inside the home to see her step-cousin Charlotte (Stokely) and her step-cousin's long-time girlfriend, Val (Charlotte Sins). The girls hug Lulu warmly and lament on how sad it is that Scarlet will have to sell her home. "Sell my home?" Lulu was stunned to learn that her mother had debt and the debt could barely be paid off 'if' the home was sold. Lulu wishes there was some other way! Charlotte and Val look at each other knowingly. They sweetly tell her that there might be a job that she can do, a job that pays well, but they'll come back to discuss it with her when she's settled in. Back at home Charlotte is lounging in her bed with her head full of doubt. She doesn't know if Scarlet is quite right for The Babysitters' Club. Is she responsible enough, mature enough, is she ready for it? Val comes close and assures her beautiful girlfriend that if anyone is up for breaking her in, it's them. The girls giggle sweetly and mischievously, they reminisce about the first time they made love at the Jones' house. The Baby Sitters' Club changed their lives and how lovely would it be to share that with sweet Scarlet. Charlotte makes love to her perfectly beautiful girlfriend. Watch the story unfold..
Charlotte Sins, Charlotte Stokely The Babysitters Pt. 1
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