Mackenzie Ford Aka Tabor Cc 3

Mackenzie Ford Aka Tabor Cc 3

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Mackenzie Ford Aka Tabor Cc 3
Genre: 7 cumshots, Brunettes, Gloryhole, Blowjob, Petite, Interracial, Shaved
Format: MP4
Quality: FullHD 1080
Resolution: 1920x1080
Duration: 00:33:47
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Description: Welcome back to the final installment of the Cum Closet, a dark, sordid corner in an undisclosed location with its own deep, dark secret. The creepy host of the closet has saved the best for last. This week's unsuspecting subject who is about to discover the closet's deep, dark secret is Mckenzie, a brunette beauty who stumbled on what she thought was an average mop closet, but then she found more. She pulled out some of the equipment and found a hole in one of the panels. Her shady guide encourages her to see what might pop through that hole when suddenly a hard cock comes through! What else is Kaitlyn going to do but put it in her mouth until it cums down her slutty throat. She gets so turned on by the first faceless dick that she doesn't hesitate to go tonsils-deep on the next one, then the next one, and the next one... Soon she finds herself naked and servicing an anonymous lineup of cum-filled dicks of all colors in a dark closet, all while being watched and recorded by the owner of that disembodied voice who brought her here. Once McKenzie finally gets off her knees, she is a jizz covered mess with a tummy full of cummy. Her creepy guide gives her dress back to her so she can walk out of the building without attracting too much attention, aside from all the dried jizz on her face and upper body. All McKenzie's naughty friends are going to want to know what happened when they see her. She'll tell them all where to get their fill of cum in the Cum Closet! Come back next week for a return to the classic gloryhole of !
Mackenzie Ford Aka Tabor Cc 3
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