Kyler Quinn - Second Official Double Vag

Kyler Quinn - Second Official Double Vag

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Kyler Quinn - Second Official Double Vag
Genre: Ass Eating, BBG, Blonde, Brunette, Double Vaginal Penetration, Facial, Footjob, Masturbating Female, Natural Body, Tanline, Tattooed, Threesome, Vibrator/Toys
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Description: 11 months after her First Official Double Vag, Hussie🌴Pass is pleased as punch to have the lovely 💜 Kyler Quinn back for another double stuffing, this time from our guys Brian Omally and Oliver Flynn. After the critically acclaimed Johnny 🎥🎬 Robins interview portion of the program 🎤👱 ♀️ Kyler warms herself up by sliding 4, then 5 fingers into her vagina 😯😮😲 Brian and Oliver step in, each with a rubber dong so they can assist in getting Kyler loosened up. She blows the guys for a few, followed by a lot of foot fetish 🦶👅🤤 footjobs 👣🍆 pussy 👅😻 and ass eating 👅🍑 and even a little fisting action 🤜 Kyler then goes reverse cowgirl on Oliver as Brian comes in from above and the double vaginal sex has begun! Kyler takes both guys like that and doggystyle, followed by a nice double blowjob. When the time is right, Brian dumps on her pussy ✊🍆💦 and Oliver gives Kyler a very nice facial 👱 ♀️💦🍆✊ We brought our camera into the shower after 🚿🧼 to see how things went for Kyler... Until Next Time! 🏝️
Kyler Quinn - Second Official Double Vag
Actress: Kyler Quinn
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