Dolly Diore & Ophelia Dust Illicit Encounter

Dolly Diore & Ophelia Dust Illicit Encounter

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Dolly Diore & Ophelia Dust Illicit Encounter
Genre: Lesbian, Strapon, Kissing,Tattoo, Fishnet, Ass grabbing, Pierced
Format: MP4
Quality: FullHD 1080
Resolution: 1920x1080
Duration: 00:24:13
File Size: 1.35 GB

Description: Gorgeous Ophelia Dust has an "Illicit Encounter" with sexy Dolly Diore in a dark basement. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie begins, Dolly dons a big black strap-on and Ophelia sucks it eagerly, then drizzles oil over it and strokes it against her hairy pussy. Both clad in black fishnet lingerie and stockings, the horny beauties press together, kissing passionately, before Ophelia impales herself on the mock cock in reverse cowgirl. She slides up and down on it, her breasts bouncing as Dolly thrusts up into her furry slot. Ophelia turns around into cowgirl, riding Dolly’s dick hard and fast, until she’s screaming through one intense orgasm after another. Dismounting, she bends over so Dolly can fuck her from behind. Dolly spanks Ophelia’s curvy ass and teases her asshole as she pumps her hips vigorously, driving her wild. Catching her breath, Ophelia fondles Dolly’s big breasts, then kneels to eat her pussy, nuzzling her neat bush as she licks her soaked pink folds. Dolly’s cries of pleasure grow more urgent as Ophelia adds a couple of fingers to make her orgasm even more powerful.
Dolly Diore & Ophelia Dust Illicit Encounter
Categories: Lesbian Lingerie
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