Ashley Johns - Huge Size Ten Feet!

Ashley Johns - Huge Size Ten Feet!

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Ashley Johns - Huge Size Ten Feet!
Genre: Foot-Fetish, Footjob
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Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: Meet 19 year old Ashley! She's nearly 6' tall, has long legs and is a runway model. This is her FIRST EVER SHOOT. She's from Philly and oh yeah, did I mention she has SIZE 10 feet? This girl is unreal! I totally got lucky with this girl, as she literally fell right into my lap. I was supposed to shoot a new porn girl passing through the area but she couldn't make it last minute and in comes Ashley! Check out her huge feet that have incredible arches and her soles have nice wrinkles. She's a tad shy but it's that innocent perception, but she's really not that innocent, if you know what I mean. By the looks of Ashley's facial reactions and her head being thrust back and her eyes rolling around in the back of her head, I take it she likes her size 10 feet being worshiped, lol. WOW is an understatement! See me lick her huge high arched feet and lick in between each toe as well as suck on each toe. This is a BRAND NEW local Philly girl! I also worshiped her feet in the Pose Position. I was blown away by 19 year old Ashley's incredible looks, long legs, big brown eyes, and of course her HUGE SIZE 10 feet! Ashley is actually a runway model, nearly 6' tall and I was thrilled she wanted to give this a go for her FIRST FOOTJOB on camera. I actually got lucky with Ashley. She's a local Philly girl. I had a shoot previously scheduled for this past Tuesday, August 21st, with another girl but at the last minute the girl had to cancel due her ride needing to get back home down South for something. Her loss, Ashley's gain, or my gain, I should say, lol. You won't see Ashley ANYWHERE else as this is her FIRST ever foot fetish shoot and of course, her FIRST FOOTJOB. Check out her high arches and wrinkled soles as she teases me with her feet. It didn't take Ashley long at all to figure out what foot guys like you and I like, lol. I licked one foot while she played some more and then she rubbed the vasoline oil on her soles and then the cock strokin began! Just look at the look of bewilderment on her face as she never thought she could get a guy off with her feet. Also, look at her facial reactions as I lick her soles - she LOVES it - a WIN-WIN!!.. .
Ashley Johns - Huge Size Ten Feet!
Actress: Ashley Johns
Categories: Amateur
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